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THIS MAY BE YOUR SECRET WEAPON TO BETTER HEALTH. Reign Vitamin C+Zinc  is an ‘immune enhancing’ formulation utilizing a number of synergistic bioactive constituents designed to support the body’s immune system. Reign has improved the Vitamin C + Zinc to include 100% Recommended Daily Dose (RDA) of Vitamin C.

First, the formula utilizes sodium ascorbate to supply a stable form of and an adequate quantity of Vitamin C that may support and boost the immune system response to sickness. Next, the mineral Zinc may influence the body’s immune system response to sickness.
Inadequate intake of zinc disrupts immune cell production and functionality. Providing the body with adequate quantities of Zinc, especially during times of sickness may supports the body’s ability to respond to illness.
During instances of sickness, specifically virus and bacterial infections, dehydration occurs. It is important to replenish electrolytes throughout the day to ensure healthy blood levels of minerals for cellular functionality and overall well-being.


Features & Benefits May Potentially:

  • Fast acting immune support
  • No fillers
  • Fast & Effective
  • Great tasting orange flavor
  • Convenient alternative to pills or capsules

          Directions for Use:
  • 1. Spray directly into mouth.
  • 2. Hold 5 seconds before swallowing.

    We recommend 8 sprays per day, may be taken as 4 sprays, 2x per day. Use within 45 days of purchase 


    Store cool dry place.


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